Brine Pumps

Compare G-Pump

Other Pumps

  • Uses a Flexible impeller type pump (marine bilge pump)
  • Solid bronze pump body
  • Pump is separated from the motor with a coupling
  • Any leak on the pump can be seen and the water can not reach the motor
  • Service kits are available for the pumps
  • Pump can be replaced or the motor can be replaced if necessary ( easily obtainable items)
  • No need to prime the pump – can be started empty
  • Easy to clean – just put suction pipe in clean water and run the pump
  • Small amounts of brine can be used as the pump cavity is small
  • Comes in a sturdy Stainless steel housing
  • Can pump marinade and inject marinade into meat for spitbraais
  • Uses a centrifugal pump (garden or booster pump)
  • Plastic or Stainless steel body
  • Pump and motor is one unit
  • Leaks can not be seen and the water goes directly into
    the motor (this is the main cause of failure on these pumps)
  • No service kits available
  • Pump and motor can not be replaced separately as it is one unit
  • Pump must be primed – filled with water before starting
  • Drain brine, prime with clean water and then run the pump.
    Plugs for draining and priming wears out
  • Takes 1 to 2 litres of brine just to prime the pump